Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 reasons I enjoy the gym and why I 'll never stop going

Recently someone had made a comment to me that I spend entirely too much time at the gym. Well to that statement I only have this to say:

5 reasons I enjoy going to the gym

  1. It's good for my heart , inactivity was associated with more than 9 million cases of cardiovascular disease in 2001. I for one do not want to be one of them. It helps lower your risk for diabetes and several other conditions and I for one as I age am all for that. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to live longer?
  2. It makes me happy. Yes, exercise actually makes me a happier person. When I've been in a terrible mood all  day I can always count on the people at the gym that are my friends and the experience to make me feel better. They are my support system, my gym rats, my buds. We are all there for each other to listen to each other and help if we have questions about exercises or weights. These people are my personal trainers and I for one am grateful for them. Also regular exercise releases  endorphin's which act as analgesics. Basically they dull pain and create a euphoria which consequentially helps with my depression.
  3. It makes sex better, studies show that women were more sexually responsive just after 20 minutes of exercise or vigorous activity. The same found to be true with males as they release testosterone during physical activity and well we all know where that leads. :) It also helps with endurance. Yes endurance ,which means you can go for hours like the energizer fucking bunny! That in itself is enticing  isn't it?
  4. I look younger and tone and we can all use that. Some studies show  that it can make you actually look 20 to 40 years younger! They spilt a group of people up and half did no exercise for a time period while the other got at least 3 hours a week. The people with three hours had a sample of their skin taken as did the non active. Remarkably the healthier individuals skin actually looked younger than the non active ones. Here's a link on the study. Just in case you're curious.
  5. The most important reason I go is simply because it's who I am and what I want and if you can't accept that...well you can just sod off I suppose. I did not get this far in life to bother myself with others judgments of me and nor do I care anymore. Oh yes, there was a time I did , but that time has past. I am too old to care anymore about that and life is short so I do what I want. In short if you don't agree with it, go fuck yourself I guess?

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