Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 reasons I enjoy the gym and why I 'll never stop going

Recently someone had made a comment to me that I spend entirely too much time at the gym. Well to that statement I only have this to say:

5 reasons I enjoy going to the gym

  1. It's good for my heart , inactivity was associated with more than 9 million cases of cardiovascular disease in 2001. I for one do not want to be one of them. It helps lower your risk for diabetes and several other conditions and I for one as I age am all for that. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to live longer?
  2. It makes me happy. Yes, exercise actually makes me a happier person. When I've been in a terrible mood all  day I can always count on the people at the gym that are my friends and the experience to make me feel better. They are my support system, my gym rats, my buds. We are all there for each other to listen to each other and help if we have questions about exercises or weights. These people are my personal trainers and I for one am grateful for them. Also regular exercise releases  endorphin's which act as analgesics. Basically they dull pain and create a euphoria which consequentially helps with my depression.
  3. It makes sex better, studies show that women were more sexually responsive just after 20 minutes of exercise or vigorous activity. The same found to be true with males as they release testosterone during physical activity and well we all know where that leads. :) It also helps with endurance. Yes endurance ,which means you can go for hours like the energizer fucking bunny! That in itself is enticing  isn't it?
  4. I look younger and tone and we can all use that. Some studies show  that it can make you actually look 20 to 40 years younger! They spilt a group of people up and half did no exercise for a time period while the other got at least 3 hours a week. The people with three hours had a sample of their skin taken as did the non active. Remarkably the healthier individuals skin actually looked younger than the non active ones. Here's a link on the study. Just in case you're curious.
  5. The most important reason I go is simply because it's who I am and what I want and if you can't accept that...well you can just sod off I suppose. I did not get this far in life to bother myself with others judgments of me and nor do I care anymore. Oh yes, there was a time I did , but that time has past. I am too old to care anymore about that and life is short so I do what I want. In short if you don't agree with it, go fuck yourself I guess?

Follow up of Yoga Pants guy.

Okay, earlier this month I posted  some stuff about that creepy guy in the back of Yoga class and why I stopped going. Well I happened to run across this article about why guys stare at us in Yoga class and I found it quite interesting, but that still doesn't change the fact,that he he was a creepy old dude.
Here's the link Dear Yoga Ladies

Monday, July 28, 2014

Why some people shouldn't be allowed to breathe

We all have that one person we work with.You know , the one that is the busy body ,the know it all, the one that's always running their chatty Cathy mouth.  They are quite annoying and have that fake smile. Feining concern about your well being only to try and pry the whole story out of you as to why you are angry or sad or happy.
It drives them nuts to not be in the know. In your circle of trust.

Those are the people that take up valuable space and oxygen and should cease and desist immediately.  Unfortunately that's not going to happen so you smile back with your fake work smile and maintain a professional persona the whole while you are envisioning throat punching them.

They are the harbingers of death...the pot stirring, pretentious ,self centered assholes that keep HR busy. Yeah those kinds of people.

Well I know now what their purpose is's to make us stronger , to make us smarter and to help us build patience and tolerance in our lives. Because God knows it takes a lot of tolerance and patience to not strangle them.
So next time one of them aggravates and nod and walk away and know they are just another test in life to make you a better person.  Oh and pity them because it's a sad hollow life they live that's why they try to live through everyone else's.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yoga and why I no longer do it...

One day I thought it would be nice to do yoga. I heard it was beneficial to you and seemed relaxing so I went to my local Y and signed up for a class. At first it was intimidating at the time I was out of shape and  trying to bend and pose in these weird positions., downward dog, child's pose, happy baby etc.. just weird. After a while I became acclimated to it and began to enjoy it more until one day there was this guy let's call him "Yoga pants". Well Yoga pants always got there first and almost always was at the back of the class near the wall. Do you know why he did that? You guessed it ladies! He was a perve, the biggest deviant  in that Y as a matter of fact, he was also the only guy in there.  Hmmmm, a bit strange I thought so I started to watch him and sure enough every downward dog we did he was looking in the mirror to see our butts in the air while he worked on his upward dog.
I tried to get there early to get a wall spot so he couldn't look at my ass.  I did a fine job until one day he came along and after class strolled up to me like he was a God and said "I like your form, you've got good form" Ewwww I internally cringed and felt soiled. It wasn't that he wasn't attractive i guess he was kinda but him being a creepy perve just nullified it for me. So I stopped going after that and really it wasn't for me I'm too hyper to sit still for too long. Women do not want to be eye fucked gentleman when they are exercising, we do not want to feel like we constantly need to make sure our panties aren't showing through, or our pose isn't right because some weirdo is watching us. If you want to check out ladies go to a bar and leave us to relax in our environment of fellow gym rats.
Later he would say hi to me occasionally and I'd ignore him, act like I didn't see him when he clearly saw that I was married and still kept pursuing me till eventually he got the hint. Now he says nothing to me and that's just fine with me. I like to make friends and I have several at the gym that are male and none of them make me feel violated or cringe. They come there to workout not too hook up. If you're into that then try 24 hour fitness. I hear that's the IT spot for hooking up.
So ladies next time you're in a downward dog and a guy is checking out your ass and it makes you uncomfortable, let one rip and see if he thinks that's attractive. That or you may attract a whole new kinda freak.

My take on marriage and relationships

Lately I find myself asking how do people stay married? I mean you are with this person everyday for umpteen years, listening to them whine, bitch and moan about their job, their aches and pains, that mole in a rather precarious area you'd rather not research that they aren't sure of. I mean it takes some seriously mad skills to stick it out and carry forward when it's so much easier to tuck tail and run away. Especially if you're anything like me, partially emotionally unavailable. I work on it,but I'm definitely not a cuddle buddy or a coddler. My motto is suck it up buttercup cause life's a bitch and she's hard to ride.

I just finished watching So this is 40, for the hundredth time and I have to say my favorite part in that film was when they were in the principals office after that altercation with a fellow parent and they presented a united front even though they were unsure of being together themselves deep down they were there for each other to take care of the family. If you haven't seen it,  here's a clip. Plus it's good for a  laugh.

Anyways that is exactly what my husband and I would do and have done in the past. We are a united front, especially when it comes to the kids and occasionally each other. We can call each other names and almost detest each other at times but in the end ,we always have each others back. Admit it ladies I know I am not the only one out there that feels this way. You sit there looking at them day in and day out, listening to how their day sucked and they rarely listen to yours, you make them dinner every day or at least try and clean the house and have sex with them and sometimes want to smother them with a pillow like Chow did the chicken in the Hangover scene. It's all too much sometimes with the kids and life,sometimes you lose control.

And guys we know we are not the only ones, we know how you want to kill us too. Come on we want it, let's hear it the truth.  The truth is we are just fucking insane, half the time we as women can barely hold our shit together let alone the entire families. We have more personalities and Cybil and we know it! If it's that time of the month ,you better be prepared like end of the world apocalyptic prepared. That means if you want to live stock up on chocolate, wine and Midol, hell buy stock in the shit! It would be a wise investment. When it's not that time of the month  we are generally sane, to an extent. We know we're not easy to live with either. We can be a challenge and we whine just as much as you guys and cry and scream, so kudos to y'all for not ending our lives sooner than expected.

What I'm getting at is ,relationships are hard sometimes and they take work, I'm learning this slowly but surely , but in the end it all works out if you can stick with it. I don't know about you but I for one would much rather be with someone who's seen me at my worst and still wants to be with me, than the person sitting alone at Applebee's at the bar drowning my sorrows in a cup.

So when you're in doubt about your relationship, just remember the Ark wasn't built overnight and neither is a lasting relationship. The key is to not let it sink, but sometimes it's okay to let it ride till the waters calm down. :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

If you wanna make me cry play some rap music

Today I was thinking about what could possibly posses someone to actually want to listen to this stuff? A co worker asked me to download some music for her as I do occasionally and this is her music of choice. Now don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own choice, but some people just aren't that good at them. I mean look at Lindsey  Lohan . Rap just makes my ears bleed.

Now I know that comparing someones music choices to a drug addict is a bit extreme, but any of you who know me know I am a tad dramatic. Well as I was downloading this twaddle it occurred to me that if you are what you eat then, are you what you listen to? If that's the case then I would suspect that this person has a very low self esteem. If you think that listening to people rap about their bitches and their drugs  is good music ( I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind) or in anyway educational perhaps you should shake it up a bit and check out Debussy Claire de Lune and meditate on it.No one got inspired to shoot someone on Debussy.

Don't get me wrong I love a good rap song as much as the next girl, yes I too like to "shake that ass" but call me crazy  listening to a dude call me a "crazy ho" or his "bitch"  and telling me he's gonna show me his 10ft ...well you know. Well it just lacks, I don't know.. inspiration for me. Good rap music to me was Coolio or Ice Cube in their later years as they grew up and realized "Hey, we don't have to shoot each other". Rap can be fun and educational, our kids can either listen to crap about getting jacked or you can listen to educational rap to learn English for one.

Anyways what I'm getting at this, society today is crumbling and this isn't helping it. I do occasionally listen to some Drowning Pool or Cold Bloom (nice plug there for ya Geramy ) when I feel the need to express my rage or just vent, but rap about killing people and demeaning women was never one of them. I like to think myself eclectic I love all genre of music, just good music.

Music is inspiration! It can change the world for you or it can help you destroy it. 
*This blog in no way reflects the views of our day to day society and only reflects the views of the awesome person who wrote this.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A beautiful sunlit day

How wonderful to lay on a blanket in the grass on a beautiful fall day watching the leaves blow by with a good conversationalist.  To just sit there and talk about random topics,nothing as boring as the weather but deep meaningful things. Also some not so meaningful , like how we like odd things like cloudy skies or dead trees and good blankets that snuggle you just right.  We would  talk about love and if it's real or just some childish notion,about how we like the sound of rain on a tin roof as we lie in bed,  about music and good books and what we will do when we're old.
Talks that can drag out all day and night and never grow tired of each others company. We would notice details of the other like the flecks of color in their eyes or the way one smiles a slightly crooked smile or the way their hair lays or blows in the wind, notice the way their hand feels in ours. We would worship each other and those precious moments together. We would cherish what others would not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'd like to take a minute tonight to reflect on jealously. Jealousy has caused friendships to wither and die , neighbors to turn on each other , lover's to quarrel,  wars and co workers to hate you.
It's quite stupid really but it's always there. Looming in the background waiting to emerge and claim it's throne.  Jealousy has been around since the dawn of time. Look at Cain and Able ,at Jesus and at Martin Luther King .
People were jealous of Jesus..threatened by him ,so they crucified him. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered because of jealousy and fear.
People are jealous of what they fear,they fear what they do not understand. It's really quite ignorant but it is the way of the world.
Are we not better than this? To judge a book by it's cover? I've done it too ...we all have . The difference is to try and understand them before we cast the final vote. We don't know what moves them ,what makes them who they are. Why hate them? Why fear them? Why not try and understand them? I am many things but what I try to be is understanding but even jealously rears it's ugly head at me occasionally.  If I fear losing someone I become jealous ,we all do. That is human nature but what separates us from the animals is understanding.  Take the time to understand someone or a situation before you judge because people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You don't know what someone went through to be who they are today. Who knows may even respect them a little.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Six things I learned from a rough life

1. Money isn't everything.
I grew up with nothing. .literally.  We were so poor that we lived in a clap board house in the middle of a barrio that was once a prominent neighborhood but as with all economic downturns became the wrong side of the tracks. I didn't have my own bed room ,I slept in a dining room and had a small broken black n white t.v, I didn't have my own phone we shared one in the kitchen and as for food we were lucky that grandma was  inventive. Shit on the shingle was popular. For any of you who aren't familiar with that meal...well its a navy thing. My grandpa was in the navy and that's how he met grandma. Anyways being poor made me appreciate what I have today but I know I can survive without it.
2.Family is important
I was raised with my grandparents and mostly by them. Mom was a nurses aid and worked odd hours. I cherished the time I had with my grandpa and grandma. They were everything to me. I loved going to the Brazos for the summer where we had a trailer near the river and I loved playing outside.  I swear I caught everything toads , lightning bugs , snakes you name it. I still love the outdoors to this day. Wouldn't have guessed that to look at my prissy ass would you?
3.Trust is a big thing
Where I grew up wasn't easy.  I was one of a handful of white kids in my school.  Seriously if you looked at my class pictures you could point me out immediately.  I was like a grain of rice in a field of beans. I stood out , so much that I learned to run fast and eventually fight hard.  I learned that not everyone is my friend just because they smile at me. Sometimes they're smiling cause they knew what they were going to do to me later. Needless to say that I learned the hard way who I could trust and who I couldn't and if I could trust you ,well I had your back to the end my friend and to this day still do.
4. I'm a survivor
See paragraph above. Yes I learned to adapt to my environment and survive it. I learned Spanish and I learned to fight. I hung out with gang members to fit in and they accepted me surprisingly.  They even nicknamed me. Some you still call me this name. I learned to be cunning and to blend in. Now I like to stand out because for years I was forced hide who I was as to not draw attention to myself.
5. Jealousy will destroy you if you let it.
I grew up with my sister.  We were 8 years apart and that was hard on us both. We never really connected because of the age difference.  I looked at her as more of a nuisance than a sibling. I was insanely jealous of her because her dad was with my mom but my dad couldn't be. I thought it unfair and I felt excluded a lot and that drove me to dislike her. It wasn't her fault but I was a child and I resented her so I locked her in closets and smacked her around every chance I got. For this I'm sorry for this I'm sure I'll pay my karma. I love her to the moon and back now and every now and again I still feel that old pang of jealousy when Mom still seems to love her more than me. That's ok though I've learned to deal with it. We all have our favorites regardless of what we say and I'm just not hers. She's still my sister and I'd do anything for her.
And finally
6. You have to love yourself in order to be loved.
Sounds silly I know but this is true. You cannot expect someone else to love you if you don't love yourself.  I have been through some terrible relationships and all the while I had such a low self esteem of myself I thought it was acceptable to let someone else treat me like crap. It took me many years and counceling  of physical and mental abuse and dealing with a drug addicted boyfriend to realize that I didn't need their shit and that it was time to get my own together.  So ladies think more of yourself than to stay with some jerk who says you're lucky to have him and no one will put up with you.
So these are some important things I learned in life. I hope they give you a better understanding of me.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

There's no crying in Soccer!

Well today we decided to sit down as a family and watch t.v. together. Now if you know our family this is a rare experience as we are all usually off doing our own things. Don't get me wrong , we do spend time together but T.V usually isn't it. So here we are as a family unit sitting down to just about what every male in the world over is watching not golf . I would have gladly taken that over this. You guessed it soccer!
Now I am myself new to this form of  "football" I am not a huge fan either and here's why. It's like watching paint dry. There's not that much violence like in hockey  unless they inflict it upon their selves to stall the game. It doesn't have a clock on the field and the damn timer keeps running even if you're injured. Hense the pansy ass men running around hurting themselves at the last damn minute on the opposing team so they can stall for time only to be high fiving someone later in the game or hugging them while they cry. -_-

Now seriously here's where my ass gets chapped. I mean I have zero respect for grown ass men on the field running around kicking a ball ( which does take mad skills) and getting hit in the head only to later cry because they lost or are losing. Really? My 15 year old girl does that at volleyball games  she plays occasionally but again guys...she's 15 and a GIRL. So what is your excuse? I mean I understand it's ok for a guy to cry sometimes, no really I do. I totally get that but that's for serious stuff. Stuff like your parents died or your girl left or dog died or all of the above. I better stop there before I have the makings of a country song.
 Anyway, the point I'm getting at is THERE'S NO CRYING IN SOCCER! Grow a pair guys! I mean you play with balls all day you think you'd at least own a pair?

In American football there's no crying.Well unless your  Knowshon Moreno or you play for the Cowboys and only then is it acceptable. Can you tell I'm a Bears fan? Lol, The point is this, in American football  we may have spoiled ass players, but that is our fault as the consumers of their tickets and merchandise,we made these monsters but that's another blog. We do not cry, we cuss, we pray  ( Tim Tebow ) ,we slaps each others ass, we high five, we dump Gatorade on the coach but we do not cry. Occasionally there is a crier or two but not every player on the damn team. So what I'm saying is boys..MAN UP!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Immigrants and understanding

Hello all,
Lately all I see are hate filled posts on immigration reform.Well I'm sure I'm going to catch some heat on this topic and I don't have an answer only this, I ask that you read this with an open heart and understand hopefully a little better about these people flooding the U.S.

For one I would like to dispel the rumor that these people are all Mexicans. It's racist comments like that ,that has driven me to write this I've learned that misinformation and fear breeds hate so let me inform you if you haven't been already. You see these people are from Guatemala, El Salvador and so on...they are NOT all Mexicans and to label them as such is an insult. I for one do not want to be categorized as an Eskimo because I was born in Alaska just because you didn't take the time to get to know me. These people are deathly afraid to live their lives where they were,so much that they are fleeing to us to help while we sit by and do nothing but complain.
Now, yes I understand that we as a country are still in an economic pit and we can barely help ourselves ,but I also understand that WE all of us were at one time all immigrants. Our families too were unwelcome and unwanted. My Irish family came here in the late 1800's during the potato famine and my Polish family immigrated here during or right before the war with Hitler to escape to a better life. Can you blame them? America is the promise of hope, a new life, dreams to become reality and these poor families just want a fraction of that.
What we need to do is stop griping and start taking action, we need to go down there and fight to take their country back like we did for the Iraq people. It always boggled my mind that we were terrorized and we struck back and then paid to rebuild their country but we cannot do this for a country that is our own back door? If we help them to get their economy stable and their country back against the war on drugs then it would be to the benefit to us I would think. The problem with this is I believe the drug cartels are what helps stimulate our economy and has a tremendous amount of influence in it and this is why America doesn't want to get involved too much.
Enough of that, the point I'm making is, don't judge these people before you've walked a mile in their shoes to get to this country and believe me they walked many more miles than us on our precious treadmills. They stepped outside of their comfort zone to save their selves, the least we could do is step out of ours as human beings, Christians, Wiccan's, Buddhist's what ever our religion or not. We NEED to act like more than selfish savages and be the beautiful souls I know we all could be. What you send out comes back to you, is this your legacy? To be hate filled or to be kind hearted and understanding. You make the choice.,I  choose love.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Love thy neighbors

This past July 4th I was soooo bummed. I was sad because ...well life got in the way as it sometimes does. This "life" issue had me down and out and so I thought it would be good to be surrounded by family and friends to boost my spirits. I was enthusiastic about having everyone over for the holiday until slowly one by one they were not going to be able to attend. My dismal outlook on life grew and I became dismayed at this. I really didn't want to celebrate anymore ,it just wasn't the same without them.
We are a tight knit group , so much that these wonderful people have become an extended part of my family and I would do anything for them. I hope they know that and if not...well ,they do now.
Anyways I continued on with the day doing an informal cookout. I invited my brothers over and then everything just fell into place. Everyone showed up! Everyone that wasn't going to be able to attend ...did and it brought me so much joy. I realized then that these neighbors are more than that they ARE family and it filled my heart. I'm so truly blessed to have you all and never have I lived anywhere  where there is an actual bonding of the community. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else and am proud to have you guys as neighbors and friends.
Also on that note Dean welcome to the neighborhood it's so weird that our kids play together now and we grew up together and Derek and you and I were hanging out again like we did in school.  Makes me feel old. Haha ,anyways we are glad you and your family are here. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Love is Foolish

Love ,what is it really? We as humans ask ourselves this question at least once in our life. So what its it?
Is it when we share the last bite of snow cone, or when we say they are beautiful, or when we delude ourselves into thinking this is the one. is none of these things.Let me tell you what it is.

Love is when you sacrifice all you are and all you could ever be to make the one you are with content and them being content makes you in return happy. Love is not vain ,it is not about looks but your soul.  Love is changing a colostomy bag for someone who cannot care for themselves, love is giving your last dime to a friend so that they may eat even though you didn't have it to give. It is when you listen to someone and truly communicate and understand what they are saying,when you feel their very soul. When you want to heal them and fix everything to take away their pain and mean it. It's when you would put yourself on the line for them if needed. That my friend is love, although many of you do not know this or have experienced this ,but if you were one of the lucky few who have,then you are truly blessed. 
Some people pass their selves off in life claiming to love, but it is unconditional it is not selfish or boastful. some people go through life never feeling true love and always wondering what it is. I was lucky enough to feel this.

There is a quote saying  'It is better to have loved and lost,than to never have loved at all." Well I'm not so sure about that. Sometimes the loss is greater than the love and it leaves us broken inside and if..if we're lucky enough to ever love again even at a fraction of what we once felt then we are blessed to have moved on. Some never do and build a wall around themselves and stay content enough in their wall until hopefully one day someone breaks it down,but for so many this is not the case.
Building a wall doesn't protect you ,but only makes you a prisoner to that lost love that never deserved you, never earned your love and respect and never appreciated the beautiful person you truly are inside because they were so vain and self centered or afraid of getting hurt themselves they shut you out. They didn't make you a priority or consider you as someone who could possibly be the one. 
In short Love is something sacred and not everyone gets it ,so if you are lucky enough to ...cherish it, relish it and thrive in it. It is not always about a lover it can be your best friend or family it can be anything or anyone or anything who your heart truly beats for. Love is is what it is. Sometimes it's heartbreak, sacrifice, sadness. Sometimes we have to let go of it in order to love others,but it's still love and nothing or no one can change it. After all we're only human. ;-)