Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waxing vs Waterboarding

Today I had an experience of a lifetime.  I decided to help out a friend and myself at the same time. I agreed to be her model and I got a free waxing called Sugaring. Now if you've ever been waxed down under , then this probably will be a walk in the park for you ,however I have never had any waxing other than my brows so it was very interesting to realize I must me a masochist. 
So there I am lying on the table in not but a towel and awaiting my beauty regimen. She sugared me and then pulled out the wax. Here we go! She starts with my underarms which wasn't pleasant unless you are into that kinda thing but still tolerable. Keep in mind I have tattoos and pain is no stranger to me but when she started to wax my nether region I believe that I would take a tattoo any day over that again.
I literally shoved a towel in my mouth and bit down to stifle the blood curdling scream that emanated from my mouth. Did I mention I went through childbirth as well?
Anyways as I'm laying there the thought occured to me that WE as a country can actually use this as a torture method to extract information from terrorists. I mean seriously think about this a minute. Taliban members would lose it! They would gladly give  up any information after the first wax strip was applied. (Please, no more I tell you anything! ) If they don't cut their beard I'm sure they have a jungle going on down there and one time would be enough. 
Also we cannot consider it inhumane because if we do this as women to our own bodies to "beautify" them how could it be?
It's the perfect torture technique and let's face it ladies men cannot handle the amount of pain we can so they wouldn't stand a chance.
All in all though this was way painless than regular waxing I was told and definitely better for sensative skin so I recommend you try it at least once ..just to experience it. Pain makes us stronger and we as women are certainly no stranger to it. Now you guys.... think about this form of torture the next time you piss us off. Remember ,you have to sleep sometime.  ;-)

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