Sunday, June 22, 2014

Funny how things change

Well here it is almost four years later,sorry I've been in a Facebook coma. It took an act of betrayal to get me out of it. Long story... I am still on FB ,but really do not care much for it now.Instead I want to blog,after all that's what I'm good at..talking.
So since I recently came out of this coma it has been made clear to me that I was in a haze, a half ass friend, like so many others.Here's how it goes you join,you scroll through peoples lives,detached,unavailable as a real friend to any of them because you no longer have to personally socialize and you  like all their pictures of the food they've eaten, where they went, who their friends with and where they're going. It's stupid really and it took me four years to realize it, to realize they stole my life. Four years I can't get back because I allowed myself to be overcome by the peer pressure of social media.

I know what you're thinking (what is she doing right now?She's blogging on a social media site.Gasp!) Why yes I am, the key word here being Blogging.  I am not scrolling through useless pictures and posts about like if you love Jesus,like if love animals, like if you hate Cancer. Who would't like that? I mean CANCER sucks so I gotta like that, maybe it will help find a cure like they promise if I just Like their damn page? Ha! Fat fucking chance at that,but it was a valiant effort. What I'm getting at here is some where along the way I lost touch with life, it was easier than I thought.I found myself looking at pictures on Instagram and news posts looking for a damn like button inadvertently that was never there and when the neighbors came over I found myself scrolling again and checking us in somewhere because God forbid if I didn't check in then it never happened. Till one day just because I was tired of the depressing stories and stalker people I decided to SHUT IT DOWN. Oh yes I did and you know what ? It was liberating! I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, chains broken,I stepped out to see the sun in a proverbial sense and it was awesome!

So now here I am ranting and raving to you good folks and I find myself wondering if I can do this,will you be able to as well? Don't get me wrong I love seeing an occasional update on my friends if I don't have lot's of time,but you have to set limits or before you know it all your real friends are gone and you're left with a bunch of mindless zombies constantly clicking LIKE buttons and checking out Vine clips instead of REALLY getting to know you. Do yourself a favor ,set down the phone, walk away from computer (after reading this blog of course) and go for a walk, talk to your neighbor,get some air and sun. Do anything but sit there looking at FB the mind and soul sucking evil all day
.Ask yourself do you even remember who you were before it?

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