Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This time last year...

A year ago from today I would have been with my company for 3 years.If I had just toughed it out and waited till today I would have gotten to keep all of my 401K. Although anyone who knows me knows I'm a power hungry,psycho analytical, impatient, control freak and that just can't happen with me. I wonder did I make the right choice? Sometimes when we struggle I say NO and then I remember how I felt there after my boss Kim left and it all went to hell and I was never heard out if I had an issue and the whole thing became politically corrupt and I quickly learned it's not what you know it's who. I and my other co workers hated it there until we turned on each other finally and then that was that.
Was it really worth it? I guess I'll figure that out eventually. I know things are worse there now from what I've heard,but my co workers still remain and for what? They were constantly belittled and insulted, but it was an easy job.We had to do very little in the shop and got paid pretty good for it. Although for you that know me,know that when I do my job I expect everyone to DO theirs and it got pretty monotonous doing everything while they kicked back.It's not in me to do that and it got old quick.I guess what I'm asking myself is Should I have stayed and did the bare minimum and listen to the critique of a woman who knew NOTHING about my field of work?

Sometimes my mouth gets me into more trouble than I can handle and then it's too late.

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