Monday, November 9, 2009

Death ,Birth and death

Well as alot of you know my nephew has passed and on top of that my ex sisiter in law not only lost a son,but a daughter as well.She was 5 months pregnant and didn't tell us and miscarried today.Now there will be a double funeral and they will bury 2 children in one day. I don't know how much more Nicole can take of this.She's 11 and to have 2 cousins die the same day is traumatizing. I will hold it together a while longer and be strong for her although this has taken it's toll on all of us. My husband has been real supportive and good about all this and I thank God for him. Pray for us all please as this family cannot take much more drama and I am guessing that it won't take much more for my ex sister in law to snap. Nicole was very close with Jose her cousin.They grew up together since birth and were best friends and this is VERY hard on her.